The Best Room In The House

We have always been fans of home cooking and the farm to table movement. So you might be thinking from the title of this page that we are referring to the kitchen, but actually, we are referring to the “greenhouse.”

Photo Credit: Dishing JH

Yes I know, most houses don’t have greenhouses!

In our opinion, we think that is one of the biggest atrocities of all time. We think every piece of real estate, home, apartment, condo etc… should have some space to be able to grow your own vegetables, tomatoes, herbs or even just some lettuce.

We need to rethink our lifestyles because if the mass consciousness doesn’t move towards everyone being able to provide their own food in some shape or another, we are going to find ourselves in a very difficult situation.

The dacha movement in Russia has shown how effective people can be when given the opportunity to have a piece of land to grow their own food.

We just need to start adopting ideas like that so we can make this world a better place.

We will continue bringing you helpful information on these types of ideas and hope to build our own movement of people that will start growing their own fruits and vegetables so we don’t have to rely on the big corporations and government.

– Paul N. Freeborn

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